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At TPHS, we believe education is a natural “give and take” where we learn as much from children as they from us, that our children transform us as we transform them. we believe that the children need exposure to a wide range of stimuli, and so, focus on the area beyond academics is a unique feature of its curriculum. 
TPHS is not merely a center for education but a training ground for young minds like yours, to develop your personality and to imbibe the highest value of character and national service.This will equip you to respond to the intellectual, social and personal challenges that you will encounter throughout your life and career...

Our Mission

The school prepare students to understand ,contribute in to,and succeed in a dynamic changing society not with technology but also not only with their inner talent and skills thus making the world better .we will ensure that our student develop education and competencies which are essential for success and help them to showcase their talent.


TO become a premier urban school to education organize for its diversity and known for excellence in teaching learning and research. To encourage children, to think independently, to be passionate and to value excellence, to assume proactive leadership.


  • To create a positive teaching and learning atmosphere with the motto,
  • To forge close interconnectivity between the school, students, parents and the community to think globally and act locally as partners in educations.